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Percy Weasley - Guide to Harry Potter Genfic

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February 14th, 2005

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06:48 pm - Percy Weasley

Broken-down Angel by neonhummingbird (PG)
All Percy's dreams have cost him are everything he ever loved. Post-OotP.

Dream Deferred by risti (PG-13)
Politics. Power. Lies. Love. Percy Weasley. What happens to a Dream Deferred? [My note: this is a probably abandoned WiP.]

Got Some Dark Desire? by Trin2 (R)
Percy Weasley really wants to grow up. Unfortunately, he already has. Sometimes things don't turn out the way you want them to.

Not Without My Reasons by LadyJackyl (PG-13)
Charlie and Bill come to visit Percy at the Ministry.

Owl Surprise by Seldes Katne (G)
Percy Weasley overhears a snippet of conversation in King's Cross Station, and rushes to prevent a witch from revealing magic to Muggles. The resulting events provide a surprise for both parties....

Owl Surprise, Too by Seldes Katne (G)
Sequel to "Owl Surprise"

The Scarlet Raven by amberdulen (PG)
Percy Weasley is extranged from his parents and living in London with a formidable landlady and a high-spirited flatmate. With the Ministry in turmoil, how will he survive the year? And where does a strange masked hero come in? Parallels OotP.

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